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Production Stages

As Jikko Baby, we use the highest quality product materials and the latest technology machines in order to be able to produce above the quality standards. From the design process to the printing stage, we continue our production with our professional team.

Production Phase

Our created designs are prepared in accordance with the process in the digital environment. Our digital designs that come to the cutting process are sent to the next stage after cutting using the cutting-edge cutting machine, the cutter cutting machine.

Print-Embroidery Stage

In the next stage, the printing-embroidery stage, patented dyes that do not contain carcinogenic substances are used. As embroidery, production is made with the latest design machines. After the printing and embroidery process is finished, our products are sent to the next stage, the mold and sewing stage.

Pattern and Sewing Stage

Our production molding and sewing phase is done meticulously with our own subcontractors and outsourced contractors. Our patterns are made with the assyst program and our pattern printer is written with a plotter machine. After the sewing process of the designs determined on the products is completed, our products are sent to the ironing package stage.

Iron Pack Stage

In our last stage, the ironing package stage, our products are put into the ironing process. Our products, which are then packaged, are made ready for sale for you.

alt iletişim kısmının arka fonu.jpg
alt iletişim kısmının arka fonu.jpg
alt iletişim kısmının arka fonu.jpg
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